Coatesville, once home to over five million people, was reduced to a mere twenty thousand when guerilla units from Congo ransacked and secured the city in 1986. Since this day of scorn so bitter that it is capable of puckering any mouth that it befalls, the invading forces have gradually blended into the indigenous peoples, making their removal impossible. Coatesville, gripped by terror for over two decades, implores your help in identifying and crippling the sly threat.
Jenfordia Musaka, formerly of Congo, led his self-formed 12th Cong Expeditionary Force directly into the city of Coatesville on February 13th, 1986. His well-trained guerilla force laid waste to over four million in an event called "The Great Cleansing of Good". The city was then slowly distorted, making the line between civilian and insane, armed extremist very thin, if not invisible. Since this ill-fated day, in the wretched year - One thousand, nine-hundred and eighty-six - Coatesville has fallen to unstable leadership."
by Coatesville expert January 25, 2006
Top Definition
a small city/town in PA near phillidelphia...mostly populated by black people and mexicans and reallly REALLY poor white people on crack. Has the worst reputation out of all the schools in its area. alot of white kids from downingtown think coatesville is the greatest place on earth and is sooo much like going to phillidelphia or something. home town of richard"rip"hamilton which unless someone told you you would never know.... he gives us a peice of shit ass celebration every once and a while. all in all coatesville sux
black kid talking to white friend: yo what you doing on the weekend
White kid: nuttin man im tryin to come down c-ville and chill wit u cuz or go to the BP(bowling palace) or we can go to the misonique(club) i swear coatesville be poppin yo!
Black kid:.....
by ROB.T March 19, 2006
A Small city in Eastern PA about 35 miles west of philadelphia. It has alotta black people and I hate the city, but i just go to school there i don't live in it. It has a bad city manager who looks like fred flinstone.
-Yo, nigga, you is from Coatesville?
-Hell yea nigga, West End.
by Folksie March 21, 2005
Some little hick town that thinks they are posh in the North of Auckland, New Zealand.
Joan: I'm from Coatesville and I have a mansion.
Bret: Coatesville? Country bumpkin.

Andrew: Lol
by Cahly December 20, 2010
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