Transpiring from the word “cock” when one uses predictive text on their mobile phone whilst simultaneously being under the influence of alcohol.
Tucking in to Christmas dinner Gran mentioned she’d never had so much coal since granddad passed away.
by Tim Rascal September 22, 2007
coal is a different way to say cool but it means more than that as you have put thinking into the word taht you say which means its better than can sound the same if you have a certain accent aswell
that was really coal
by ben hoult November 14, 2005
An abbreviation of 'Choking On Air Laughing' or 'Choked On Air Laughing'. Similar to the terms, rofl or lol. It is another way to express that something someone said is hilarious. You could also say 'cool', by which you change Air to Oxygen.

Make sure your friends know what it means before using it, or you may sound a little weird.
Me: Haha, did you see 'The Date Movie'?
Friend: Yeah, I coal! That was funny as shit. :D
by Kenneth Hall February 21, 2006

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