White woman who has sex with mostly black men. Typically has a dark circle around the vagina.
"Ameri is such a coholler. I bet her pussy is black."
by Thgulife October 12, 2011
v. - to team up with a friend in the act of hollering
as a distraction so the potential rejection is less intense due to the fact that its spread between two people.

- to feign interest in your friend's crush as a way of finding out which friend has a better chance of 'hittin that'.

- to play the 'wing-man' when your buddy wants to holler at a breezy.

- to help a friend not feel so nervous when talking to a crush.

n. the act of assisting a friend flirt with his or her crush to lessen nervousness.
Jay - "yo i wanna holler at that chick in the striped shirt, but i'm nervous cuz shes a dime and looks easily annoyed."

Chris - " well...why dont we just could co-holler?"

Jay - "word"
by Rizzle Sizzles June 25, 2009

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