Stands for Command And Conquer. The N is short for "And".
Command And Conquer refers to Westwood's games such as CnC: Red Alert, Cnc: Red Alert 2, Cnc: Generals, and Cnc: Renegade.
I have all the CnC games!
by bobby April 12, 2004
Computer Numeical Control: An automated method of controlling motion that is commonly applied to machines which perform industrial operations such as milling, turning, cutting, etc. These machines can typically be programmed using G-Code which is either hand-written or created by a software package like MasterCAM or EdgeCAM from a CAD file.
Hey baby, let's go CNC some parts on the HAAS.
by arpeye April 01, 2005
technique often used by people unable to make physical models by hand (particularly architecture students) often referred to as 'cheat not craft'.
These people will try to not reveal the cheapness of the technique by claiming to have made it by hand.
hey bro, that looks unnecessarily complicated, how you gonna model that?
man ill just cnc it
yeah yeah broseph...cheat not craft
by pary pary February 11, 2010
A CNC is Classy Nigger Cowboy, one can obtain the social stature of becoming a CNC following these 3 guidlines...

1. You have to KSL (Keep Shit Legit)
2. You have to KIR (Keep It Real)
3. You have to pray to god... who is James Mack
Yo dude, look over there, wow that guy is such a CNC
by Louanne Marie May 07, 2006
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