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That which is derived from situational and decision based insanity and catastrophe, usually alcohol related. Alot like HAZMAT but a derivitative assocciated with activity that would be qualified as off the hook.
Girl gets up on a bar with 90 stands of beads, strips to her skinnies and does a handstand, all the while chewing on a piece of beef jerky and writing the alphabet on the ceiling in chocolate pudding with her toes--afterwards by which she jumps off the bar and says: "I want to be a waterbead when I grow up" followed by, "you look a lot like my uncle, he says Im a great kisser">>>> ALARMS SOUND EVERYWHERE, PEOPLE BACK UP>>>CMAT CMAT CMAT CMAT!!!!
by Matsler-nation May 22, 2009
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Transitive verb: to do something amazing, unbeatable, or otherwise remarkable in a good way; to vanquish
I cmatsed you so badly.
Man, you're getting cmatsed!
by Medso Fag November 24, 2004

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