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usually blonde girl with blue eyes very pretty :) but can be offended easily and hurt easily she can be mean to you but then be super nice the next day. she gets weirded out veerry fast. dont trust mary-alice's
Girl: "Are you and mary-alice good friends?!"
Girl2:"I think so."
Girl: "coool, did u ever say ily to her?"
Girl2: "Noo..but i will today"
two hours later
Mary-Alice: "wtf ur not even my friend!! u freaking weirdoo! i dont give a crap bout uu"
by lovescerealduh February 25, 2010
a overly-jealous bitch who has nothing better to do with her time than to try to push other people around; very immature, not pretty, kind of fat (to much beer) hoe
monica: what happened at the funeral?
rebecca: maryalice walked up to me and pushed me over then walked away
by jcouhuw June 27, 2011
Furry creature that is predictable by nature. Typically found associated with darker complected species. Most closely related to the Microtus penisylvanicus (North American field mouse) family. Has been known to make a ruckus when not appropriate.
Did you hear that dog in heat?!?!?.... What a Mary Alice
by Leroy4life February 14, 2011
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