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Drug free, alcohol free and better than you.
CM Punk: "Straight Edge means I'm drug-free, alcohol-free, and better than you!"
by verymetal November 29, 2007
The only WWE susperstar who can hold a candle to the attitude era, a superstar who is putting forth a new era, a era of reality. He has been and forever will be the Straight-Edge Savior, The first and only Straight Edge World Heavyweight/ WWE Champion. Doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, doesnt do drugs, his only addiction is wrestling and shutting up the shameless ass kissers, who have been parading around the WWE for far to long. He is a man of great integrity, a man of great brilliance, a man that can only be described in two words. The Best. He's the best wrestler in the world, he's the best commodity in the industry, he's the best at promoting his matches, he's the best under the pressure, he's the best on the microphone and quite frankly the only one to turn a microphone into power, to speak to a nation of lost voices, a man who is the voice of the voiceless. A man who can drop a pipebomb, show in, and show out. His accomplishments are endless. He will be the one man to revive a nation of lost wrestling fans, he will make wrestling enjoyable as it once was, he will restore all intergrity into this buisness, by being a leading example of what one voice can do. He's the here, he's the now, he's the future and he's the best.

CM Punk
by chicagonative August 05, 2011
MVP of Ring of Honor for the past 18 months, mainly due to his top-notch feuds with Raven and Samoa Joe (which included two 60-minute draws), as well as his quality ringwork and promos. Also the only cool straight edger I can think of, which is all part of his gimmick.
"I am drug free, I am alcohol free, and I am better than you."
by OD Smith April 11, 2005
CM Punk is a WWE wrestler who is also known for being the only Straight Edge world champion in wrestling history. His finishing move is the GTS.

Punk is straight edge, meaning he doesn't take drugs, he doesn't smoke cigarettes, he doesn't drink alcohol, he doesn't have promiscuous sex. This results in him being one of the greatest people to have ever lived, and more importantly, it means he is better than you.

Despite him clearly being one of the most positive role models to have ever lived, he is booed by the blind drones that make up the WWE Universe.

If these fans took their heads out of their fat arses, they would come to realise he speaks the truth about them and the parents of America.

People should bow down to such an incredible man, rather than boo his greatness, which is probably down to the fact they are jealous of such a great man.
CM Punk - "Straight Edge means I am better than you"

Me - "What a guy, he is better than me, and I can admit this as I am not a gelatinous drone like 95% of the WWE Universe"
by SteRDLK September 08, 2009

CM Punk has pwnd(owned) everyone he has faced thus far in the WWE's ECW brand. He was one of Ring of Honor's breakout stars in 2003 and 2004 before signing a WWE contract in June 2005. He spent from August 2005 until June 2006 in OVW honing his skills and learning the WWE style. He then debuted on ECW house shows and worked for 6 weeks before making his debut on August 1, 2006 in the Hammerstine Ballroom beating Justin Credible.
CM Punk > you

My name is CM Punk.
by Mikey K November 09, 2006
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