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when things are going horribly wrong, and you're surrounded by children or people you can't swear around, this is the clusterfluff!
when the third child pooed his pants, Amy realized that her job had quickly turned into a clusterfluff!
by W0rdSm1th123 March 29, 2011
Something of little substance or consequence, intended primarily to generate controversy and to draw attention rather than to explain, solve, or improve an actual situation or problem. Used especially to refer to the creation of a seemingly difficult and complex problem or controversy where none in fact exists.
His blog post makes a non-issue needlessly complex, and now there are 362 comments. It's just another piece of clusterfluff to attract buzz.
by kangaruu July 14, 2011
A polite version of Cluster Fuck
Since the cluster fluff of extending rail service to Waikanae, retimetabling for overcrowding and not introducing the Matangi trains on time, you all probably know by now that the Melling Line trains have been replaced by rail replacement buses, and are leaving from the dreaded platform 9 at Wellington Station.
by Dr Omega April 15, 2011
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