A joke that's funny, but not witty at all. Like a pun. Often very obvious jokes. Related to 'clunky'. Often "d'oh" and silences follow these "jokes".

People that make these clunkers generally think they are hilarious, but they are not. They are just idiots.
Amy: Man that geometry test was tough.

Jeremy: Yeah, but remember, without geometry, life is pointless ! ! *Laughs Loudly*

Amy: D'oh. That's not even funny Jeremy, that's a fucking awful clunker.

Jeremy: Do you want to go on a date?

Amy: No you fucktard.
by The Joke Master March 15, 2012
a girl who you wouldn't date, strictly reserved for fucking
There are mad clunkers up in here.
by clunkermagnet October 13, 2010
When someone is playing beer pong and they hit a shot with nothing but beer(likw a swish in basketball)the sound it makes it clunk, related to saying wet in basketball
did you see me drain that shot CLUNKERS bitches
by adventure of CHICKEN & WAFFLEZ November 16, 2008
if you call someone a clunker it is the worst insult you could ever through at someone.
1.It can mean a specy person,
2.a thick person,
3.someone who gets bullied and dosnt stand up for his self,
4.someone nobody likes
5.someone who shits out of stuff
6.if u beat someone in a game and they dont score a point.
1. "fuck off clunker"
2. " that grahams pure clunker"
3. " i think its sad for that clunker boy "
4. " Shut it ya clunker "
5. " u pure clunkered that "
6. " i just clunkered u "
by someone specially funny February 16, 2006
A dirty chunk of snow and ice that builds up inside a car fender in the winter (and eventually falls off). Also known as a car booger or a slurd.
I wish they'd fix that road; it gets so many potholes after a thaw that it knocks all the clunkers off everyone's cars.
by Aaron of Minneapolis January 22, 2008
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