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If you have a very fat hand and hit someone with it, it isnt a punch or a slap it is a cluff.
Dave, Colin and Adam are the cluff boys
by Jay Clarkson February 18, 2005
A poker term for one of the following situations:

-A call even though you are more than likely beat.
-A bluff even though you are only calling.
-A weird combination of a call and a bluff.
-A bluff because you think the other player is bluffing.
Jimmy cluffed heads up with a 5 queen off suit, trying to put the understacked opponent out of the game for good.
by old_wulf July 22, 2009
1. A combination of 'clunge' and 'muff' in reference to a woman's mystery

2. Exclamation of there being multiple fit girls in the vicinity
1. Ner, she was shit, her cluff had no tread left on the old tires..

2. Shite, have you seen the mighty cluff in this room!?
by sakura-chan18 December 14, 2009
A triangualr area of the lower back, originating at the top of the ass-crack, and extending to the top of the pelvic bone at either side.
Goddamn, that bitch has a rutchy cluff!!
by McGuyver April 01, 2005
The smell in a room after really dirty sex has taken place. Also, the smell of a room full of people watching porno.
Wow, that room smelled of cluff. Gross.
by fat tim January 17, 2004
The act of puking while engaging in sexual intercourse.
"Dude, we were having sex last night, and she fuckin' cluffed all over the pillows"
by M. C. January 11, 2004
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