Hitting someone over the head with a club or simular object repeatedly.
no example needed, the definition explains it.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
The act of going to teen night at a nightclub to pick up middle school girls.
Yo I went clubbing and it landed me 5-10!
by ANTiSYSTEM August 30, 2003
to beat someone with a club
I was walking down the street till a couple kids started clubbing me!
by no-name September 08, 2003
Violently beating a person in the face with an erect penis.
I was out last night clubbing some thugs.
#clubbing #club #erect #penis #ass
by Peckr October 23, 2008
1. The present progressive form of the verb "to club", meaning that a person is currently hitting something with a club.

2a. An expression for going out to nightclubs.

2b. An expression used by stupid people who think nightclubs will make them cooler, or something.
1. I am clubbing the moron who is trying to knife me.

2a. "we want to go clubbing tonight"

by TehClam September 29, 2003
The act of having a 3/4 erect penis for no reason.
Maze was clubbing while participating in family movie night.
by LiVo May 30, 2005
n. Going to club meetings just for the food, then leaving immediately after, without staying for the main event.
Hey bro, want to go clubbing? I heard ASCE is serving Chipotle tonight!
#stealing food #hunting and gathering #info session #college #polypenithesis
by KolosoK January 25, 2011
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