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To make a trip to a local medical marijuana club or distributor. Often, a owner of medical card (something needed to purchase the bud) will help out his friends by telling them in advance that he is making a trip to the club.
Daniel : Homies, I going on a club run tommorrow. Do you want to get some bud?

Sam : Hella yeah. Get me a quad
by Monster40 August 26, 2006
When a group of stoner friends, one of whom has a prescription for medical marijuana, make a run to a legal cannabis dispensary, to obtain all sorts of cannabis goodies
Yo, I just burnt the last of my trees, let's make a club run to san francisco to get that good stuff
by Jdp420 August 05, 2008
Someone that will drive one to the clubs so paying for a taxi can be avoided.
I need a clubrun tonight
by comedian111 March 11, 2011

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