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1. The gleeful feeling you get when all that ludicrously good weed you just smoked and the firecracker you just ate kick in. You begin to act high to the point where all dignity is forgotten and only hilarity remains, in the clown-like way, especially on the holiday 420.

2. a. GETTING UBER HIGH b. Uber high to the point where you could convince yourself that you are indeed an actual white faced clown wearing large orange shoes, when in reality you are just as high and fried as Benjamin Franklin's kite.

(this phrase seems to have originated at TCNJ.)
reefer one "Man, this weed is the fantastic."

reefer two "Yeah. Yo look, at carrie she's clowning out."

Carrie: *huge smile* *fit of giggles* "Hey guys! hahaha, you're so funny"
by the twilight stoned April 20, 2011
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