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Someone, usually male and usually straight, who likes to have sex with drag queens(men in dresses)and only drag queens.
What's his type?

He's a clown fucker.

He only does drag queens!?!?!?
by UpTownAries March 07, 2003
somebody who is both incredibly stupid and extremely unlikeable. A total joke.
What kind of clownfucker borrows your credit card and uses it to rent a hotel to bang your wife in?
by Christine June 25, 2004
One who fucks clowns.
"That Randy, he sure loves to fuck clowns."
"He's a clownfucker, ain't he?"
"Best damned clownfucker I've ever seen."
by Sean Blackwell August 17, 2004
1. A social jackass or fool.

2. One who fucks clowns.

3. One who is generally considered as foolish or naive for their actions.

A clownfucker can sometimes, but not always be an assclown and vice versa.
Did you hear? Stephen punched a cop in public and tried to run away. The clownfucker's in jail now..

assclown clown
by Ldogg. February 06, 2010
one who likes scary stuff and will be willing to find a clown to fuck, sorta like a kinky fuck but better....
DUDE:Im willing to suck ur big luscious cock
Clown:alrighty then Ill shove my doggy balloon up ur giant he pussy yay!! He's a clown fucker
by pickleface the second March 12, 2009
a gentleman (usually identifying as straight) who only fucks drag queens (men dressed as women for performance purposes)when they are "painted" or in full drag.
Dude, Jerry fucked like three drag queens on his business trip to taiwan. Don't tell his wife. He's a total clown fucker

hey baby, watch out for that man, he's a clown fucker. Tonight, he'll give you a good pounding, but the minute your make up is off, he'll be out the door.
by Rosazamozny December 01, 2005
Someone who rapes clowns and wears fat people clothes.
You clown-fucker. You want to die?!
by TJ October 29, 2004
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