clownfish are small saltwater fish that live in anemones.their colors are white and orange and sometimes blackish.they need lots of care.
these are awesome fish.clownfish=cool.
by jtmario February 26, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who is a joke, or silly.
Tim is a clownfish for overusing 'clownfish'.
by dec0de July 17, 2006
A role in which a straight and cisgendered actor plays a gay/bisexual/transgendered/et cetera (see: QUILTBAGPIPE) role in a film or other media entertainment.

Named after the clownfish's ability to change its sex.
Has David Tennant done a clownfish yet? I don't know if Casanova counts.
by Moral High Ground November 22, 2010
A stupid female who lacks self-esteem,pride, and respect.
Ole girl is such a clownfish. She gave her baby daddy money to pay his cell phone, but her dumbass got to use the pay phone down the block.
by DeeNice June 13, 2008
One who is unusualy cautious about everthing that they do, unwilling to take big risks. The term is directly related to an actual clown fish: the individual will hide cautiously, even pathetically, just as an actual clown fish hides in the anemone's tentacles.

The term as it pertains to human behavior originates from the video game Halo. Such a player will hide, waiting for the right opportunity to come out and get a kill, only to retreat into hiding again. This player will often hide to the detriment of their team, staying in a safe area while their team mates are killed. This kind of play is selfish an can be detrimental to their team.

The term can also be directly realted to poker, more specifally Texas Hold'em. One who makes irrational decisions, playing weak starting hands, even when facing a large raise. Such an idividual is also easily intimated at the poker table, folding strong hands to others who have coaxed them into believing their hand is stronger. An example of a move that clown fish might make is calling and all-in bet with a 2-3 off suit, one of the weakest starting hands in Texas Hold'em.
Don't be such a clown fish, call her!

Stop hiding like such a clown fish and help me shoot these guys! (Halo)

That was a clown fish move, calling an all in with a 2-3 off suit.
by - Overlord - March 22, 2006
The only fish that can change genders,
My childhood was ruined
person 1: are you a clown fish
Clownfish: I am

Person 1: are you a boy or girl?

Clownfish: both 🖕
by Potatosmileyface January 25, 2016
A fish that is always joking around and never takes nothing seriously. Tells lots of shit jokes and never stays in school.
Herring Fish: Hey, have you seen Barry?
Cray Fish: Nah, dat clownfish mutta fudda never in the right place, yo!
by jamezp1 August 17, 2013
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