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n. When a girl sticks a ice cube up your ass while giving you a blow job.
Your mother gives the best jackfrosts.
by dec0de October 26, 2003
An Australian vibrator.
That girl grabbed her faffy buzzer and went to town!
by dec0de June 07, 2004
Someone who is a joke, or silly.
Tim is a clownfish for overusing 'clownfish'.
#jokes #clownfish #clown #fish #silly #goof
by dec0de July 17, 2006
A gaseous vaginal discharge from a source that has not maintained itself for the last 15 years, to the point where it has gathered dust.
Andy went down on Raven and she blasted him in the face with a dust queef
#queef #dust #vagina #dried up pussy juice #pussy #douche
by dec0de December 16, 2006
Australian slang for vagina.
We're going faffy hunting.
by dec0de June 07, 2004
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