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A sexual fetish involving the portrayal and dress of traditional circus clowns.
(see Sexy Loser)
I get my my face paint, purple wig, and red jumpsuit on before I even consider cracking her gash! That's how I get off, baby!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
When you have one girl you fuck you don't wash your cock afterwards. Then you go to the next girl And have her suck your cock and when she's done you Ask her did that taste funny.
For example clown sex is like what happened the other night my girlfriend want to leave the party early so I took her home and fucked her. I went back to the party when I got done and then I had this dirty bitch suck my cock afterwards without washing it. When she was done I ask did that taste funny.
by Big--Worm January 09, 2014