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The act of suddenly and without warning blowing your load on a woman's breasts and face during sex, followed by a quick honking of her nose.

The honking can be done simply for comedic effect, or, as an act of courtesy, to squeeze out any jizz that may have entered her nostrils.

Must be done knowing that the person on the receiving end may not put out for weeks after experiencing the sex clown.
Dick felt like playing a joke on Jane saturday night, so as he was coming, he pulled out, jumped on her chest, and gave her the sex clown.
by riomx September 02, 2006
A person that makes frequent inappropriate and amusing comments during sexual intercourse causing the person they are sleeping with to laugh uproariously. Sex Clowns have no ability to stop themselves speaking out loud the thoughts in their head that most people censor themselves from saying. A Sex Clown is an excellent bed fellow if you need cheering up.
Pete told me he could milk me like a cow and even worked out if there was space for extra udders - what a Sex Clown!
by Igotclowned May 31, 2010
Laine Elyse Gilson The Sex Clown
Laine does funny things in bed with ray therefore she is a sex clown.
by Neo Funk Revolation February 06, 2005

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