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that altered state (of mind) into which the male is elevated when his girlfriend gives him a tantalizing, long, slow blow job which seems so perfect that he wishes to die rather than return to reality on Earth.
I was on Cloud Nine when she blew me, then licked the last drop off my tip and swallowed my cum.
by Jake February 17, 2004
58 117
1). Heaven
2). A Utopia of pleasure
We were floating on cloud nine.
by Zenocide February 17, 2004
743 187
and cloud 9

a state of total euphoria (See also on cloud nine.)
After winning the lottery, he was on cloud nine.
by Light Joker May 22, 2005
386 243
The state of being out of your head because you have recently fallen "in love."
My friend Elena decided to take more calculus classes because she was out of her mind on cloud nine.
by Tawnos January 17, 2005
303 216
A method of increasing sensitivity to the body while under the effects of MDMA and other similar drugs. It is when someon lays on the back of someone else and runs around or walks around while the person on ecstacy closes their eyes and feels like they are floating as the air rushes past them. The person rolling that is going to be in cloud nine needs to go back to back with someone else and link there arms together. The person that is going to cloud nine then needs to leanback and have the person who is going to walk or run around pull forward. This should put the roller ontop of the persons back.
"Hey man when we get high tonight lets take a trip too cloud nine!"

"When we get high tonight lets try out a new roll trick i learned the other day."
by Dan McNeil April 01, 2008
67 115
Stupid game played by teenagers too pussy to actually take drugs.
Many people actually died from cloud nine. You didn't know that, fools?
by m16 June 14, 2007
35 97
a happy, pleasurable state of mind usually used after smokin tree, drinking alot of alki or havin sex
man i smoke a blunt and 3 40s like 20 mins ago, i'm on cloud nine
by Jerry February 16, 2004
137 199