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A device/program that can be used to display spoken text on a screen. This is usually used for people who have lost the ability to hear or ARE losing their ability to hear effectively(old people.) This is also used frequently by my friends who go outside to smoke and watch TV through the sliding glass door....the bastards.
1. Dorris can barely hear a train run over her cats, but thanks to closed captioning she can still see what that shit-head Bush has to say about foreign policies.

2. "Yo, turn on the closed captioning. I wanna see what they're saying while I smoke." -friends
by bAc0Nb0Y November 12, 2003
a bunch of hooplah they put at the end of the beginning of a TV show to let you know that deaf people can watch it. Usually precedes a long commercial by a sponsor.
Closed captioning brought to you by Checkers.
by britt November 12, 2003
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