Any woman/girl who acts in a way that makes her difficult to figure out or understand.
I really like this chick, but she's like a closed book to me.
by SlangTwang January 18, 2009
Top Definition
a guy/girl who doesn't let anyone read them or cant let anyone read them. possibly thought their ex was 'the one' and went over a bad breakup and left thinking they were the best they ever had.
Mike: Dude I dig her but she's a closed book.
Joe: Forget about it man her loss, there's other fish in the sea.
by johnnyplaylax June 29, 2010
Someone who doesn't say much about themselves, no one really knows anything about their past, hobbies, or likes/dislikes.
A closed book is sometimes mistakenly defined as someone with "trust issues".
Person 1: How much do you know about her?
Person 2: Not much. She's a closed book, so she doesn't share much about her.
by Cynedia August 08, 2016
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