The orbital subway around Glasgow. So named due to it's circular route and orange subway trains. Also famous for it's central role in The Glasgow Subcrawl.
"How you gettin up the West end on Saturday"?

"I'm catchin the Clockwork Orange"
by Stoo340 May 07, 2012
Person who has no free will, is a victim of a cruel psyhological therapy (A Clockwork Orange), or a person who is unable to make it's own choices between good and bad
Anthony Burgess says "A human being is endowed with free will. He can use this to choose between good and evil. If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange
by ob-la-di-ob-la-da August 09, 2015
1.Original a from slang (from a part of London) that means a homosexual.
2.A novel by Anthony Brugess. The novel was based somewhat on his life, such as one of the rape scenes. The novel was about totalirism and the good and evil of humans.
3.An amazing movie based on Anthony Burgess' Novel. The director banned the film himself due to it's 'ultra violent' nature.
1.Oi! I think man at the bar is a clockwork orange.
2."What does God want? Does God want goodness or the choice of goodness? Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?" (part2, 76)
3.Dude, A Clockwork Orange is such a sick movie; you have to rent it this weekend!
by K.C. Ay. February 11, 2006
A rather bizarre sexual practice that also involves spending a little money. The first thing you'll need is an old Grandfather Clock and a bag of Oranges. please note: A Cuckoo Clock will not work because the effect that is needed is a loud 'chime'. While having sex with your partner wait hourly until you hear the chime and shove an orange in her ass. Do this until you've got about 9 in deep. When she pleads for you to not another orange in her ass, wait for the next chime, remove 1 orange from her ass and stuff it in her mouth and say, "Orange you glad I didnt' shove another one in your ass?"
I think Sheila and I did the clockwork orange 'til around 10 this morning. I know because the clocked chimed 10 times!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
an act in which the male - during anal intercourse- spreads semen and orange jello powder onto the females anus and licks it off in a clockwise fashion
hey David, i just totally put a clockwork orange on that chick!!!
by bokizzzle February 03, 2009
The act of tying a subject down to a chair, fixating their eyes open, and forcing them to watch disturbing images.
Anthony's dad gave him a good Clockwork Orange when he made him watch the gay Nazi
foot fetish video.
by Beisner March 29, 2005
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