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The shriveled line that runs vertically splitting the scrotum.
" I was especially aroused as she tongued my clobe"
by Wun Eight Niner October 07, 2007
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1. A combination cloak/robe
2. Fucking assholes who withhold essential information from certain characters that would prevent then from turning evil.
1. "Hey man, it's kind of cold out. What should I wear?"

"A polar fleece clobe"
2. "That Merlin is such a fucking clobe for not telling her he had magic too"
by kwyjiboooooooooo December 14, 2009
That one guy that everybody knows and doesn't want around, ever. He is usually a tag along who gets shit from a lot of people but takes the critisizm because he wants to fit in (but never will)! The only laughs that Clobes will ever get are those directed at him (but he doesnt't care).
person one: "Oh shit, Clobes is here."
person two: "Did you invite Clobes to this party?"
person three: "I had to, he gave me 30 bucks."
person one and two: "Shit!"
by Micah Courneya September 10, 2007

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