A black man's genitalia.
Person 1: Hey, did you see that naked picture of Chris Brown?
Person 2: Yeah man, some clobber on him
by DerpyMcDerperson July 10, 2012
Top Definition
Noun. Clothes and personal belongings
Gonna get me some new clobber.
by KrishnaBoy December 01, 2003
To get struck with great force.
"his car got clobbered by a freight train".
by Dan Drzewiecki November 04, 2003
Clothes, you wear your Clobber.
" I'm off to town to buy meself some new Clobber, might have a few bevvy's in the spoons too "
by John Gaskell March 06, 2004
(Programming) To make a change or a call in a program which unintentionally overwrites the current value of a variable.
Yeah I fixed that bug - PrintPage was clobbering the cookies.
by ectoraige May 16, 2003
1. The act of thrusting oneself to another human being with one's own head and/or body parts.

2. to utilize the body as a weapon to inflict harm upon one or more persons in the proximity of said body weapon.
John and Kameron love to clobber each other on the daily, no homo.
by vajenjen69 November 10, 2010
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