The glitter found on your clothes at the end of the night after leaving a strip club that has rubbed off from a stripper.
I got in trouble last night from the wife, after that stripper rubbed her pussy in my face, and covered me in her clitter.
by Lazzy September 17, 2012
Top Definition
Glitter for your vagina!
Clitter made my yeast infection into a jewel collection!
by JoeVa February 27, 2008
The nasty spooge found in a women's panties after a long hot day. Usually a white or off white colour with an interesting odour.
Dude I have a total clitter fetish. I just wanna eat it off my girlfriend's dirty panties.
by el Linko Grande August 12, 2010
The debris of little white balls forming on a woman's vagina caused by sloppy wiping technique and poorly made toilet paper. Like spit balls, but urine flavored.
I need to buy better toilet paper, this stuff's giving me clitter!

I had to do a clitter check before eating her out.
by Princess Slayah September 15, 2010
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