A team that overachieved with old, washed up players like Sam Cassell the alien, and Cuttino Mobley in the 2005-2006 season, quickly became regarded as the better team in Los Angeles. This is due to man's inner nature to jump on the bandwagon and only root for the team with the better record. (See also Detroit Pistons right after winning the 2004 championship) Coincidentaly, they only won 2 more games than the Los Angeles Lakers. They will probably overachieve again next year and the year after that, Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley will retire and the Clippers will be back where they started.
Dude the Clippers are sooooo good even though they were only 12 games above .500. Clippers 4 lyfe, Elton Brand is a monster!!!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
Top Definition
large hanging pussy lips.

when the lips of the pussy visibly sway from wind or subtle body movement & are usually easily visible from the rear end.

clippers are usually discolored & very loose from being worn out or well-aged, or both.
As she was changing the light bulb, her clippers dangled tween her thighs . . . "Put some panties on Heather, Please!!", I exclaimed in arousal & disqust.
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006
The weaker team in L.A.
Hey aren't you a Clips fan Jackson?
Yeah, why?
Well that figures since you are a total pussy.
by Sheeahh May 06, 2005
those electric buzzing things that either shave off or "buzz" off hair. ("Buzz" is due to the distinct buzzing hum that the clippers make when on.) They are generally used for quick, short, and often inexpensive haircuts.

They are generally used for guys' haircuts and their use is becoming increasingly popular; also used to "clipperize" people
He bought his own clippers so he could shave his own head daily.
by king0fcrackers June 19, 2007
A type of cylindrical lighter with a removeable part for pokeing down the contents of a joint.
(cj) you got a light?

(si) yeah here....

(cj) nah i need a pokie you got a clipper?

(g) here man i got one in my bag somwhere.

(cj) cheers.
by Timian September 02, 2004
Clipper - Noun

Although holding other definitions, a 'clipper' is a slang term for a gun (mostly used in the UK, mainly East London). Referring to how a 'clip' (magazine) is loaded into a gun and the way a gun operates (it 'clips')
Example 1
guy: ay fam ill run up on dem yutes with the clipper unoe

Example 2

guy : we got them clippers! I aint playing!
by mrlubbalubba987 June 10, 2015
Professional basketball team. Best team in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Jump on the bandwagon and route for the best! The Los Angeles Clippers are the team of the future.
by Luigi May 12, 2004
We like to use the word "CLIPPER" in place of the "C" word as we find that this is far more socially acceptable and less offensive.
You Clipper.....

You are a CLIPPER....

That bloke is an absolute CLIPPER.....
by im not a clipper October 13, 2009
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