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In Irish legend this was the name of a beautiful goddess. She fell in love with a mortal named Ciabhan and left the Land of Promise with him, but when she arrived on the other shore she was swept to sea by a great wave.

also she is hot hot hot !!
hot hot cliona
by spammmmmm February 03, 2010
33 5
Coolest person in the world
if you gtta cliona..ur life is worth living
probably likkes coke..and hurting people
a pure fuckbag!!!!!
ya gtta get 1!!
Wooooooow i wanta cliona
by Francis 201 November 23, 2007
55 36
Clíona is an irish name. First of all, the name is irish, so cliona is a mad bitch. Cliona seems bitchy at first but shes prettyy amazing and fun once you get to know her.
"Hey cliona, want to go out"
by fdjksbvdjbjwvhiowbsdkbvbfjkbvs December 22, 2012
8 6