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In Irish legend this was the name of a beautiful goddess. She fell in love with a mortal named Ciabhan and left the Land of Promise with him, but when she arrived on the other shore she was swept to sea by a great wave.

also she is hot hot hot !!
hot hot cliona
by spammmmmm February 03, 2010
Coolest person in the world
if you gtta cliona..ur life is worth living
probably likkes coke..and hurting people
a pure fuckbag!!!!!
ya gtta get 1!!
Wooooooow i wanta cliona
by Francis 201 November 23, 2007
A girl who is literally perfect. She is smart, funny, dreamy, beautiful, and everything a guy could ever ask for. If you have her as a girlfriend then you're the luckiest guy to walk the face of this earth... Because she's the most amazing girl in the world.
Loos at Cliona over there, she's so perfect, standing over there! Every time I look at her I fall for her again and again.
by RiNa May 31, 2014
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