n. masc. He's a god among men; He's one of the best directors of all time, making movies about boxing and shit at the age of 77; He's puts on the guise of being meek in person, but thats just because if He were to act as he does on screen, He would kill any stranger who got within fifteen feet of Him; the future capitol of the USA and, later, the world; the manliest thing since He invented the penis; a sexual manuver duting which the man, while fucking on top, drinks pure alcohol (Moonshine, The Shine) and then regurgitates it back into a sort of vessel, and foces the women to consume its contents. v. intr. to have the largest penis in existance; to be the single coolest at all.
Clint Eastwood is God's go-to-guy.
by P-koff October 16, 2006
Making a gun gesture with your hand, with your thumb going back and forth, while inserting your pointer finger into your partner's vagina and stimulating the clitoris with your thumb.
She said I was bad in bed, but she did not expect the Clint Eastwood. That girl got the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
by comediekid February 04, 2009
One of the greatest actors and directors that have ever come into existence. Is pushing 80, and is amazingly still doing films. Well known films include Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven, The Dollars Trilogy, High Plains Drifter, and the Dirty Harry series. Clint Eastwood is the ultimate bad-ass.
You haven't seen a bad-ass until you've seen Clint Eastwood on the silver screen.
by Liberty Valence January 02, 2009
only the coooollllesttt mother fucker in the south!
ho bitch you mad fly just like my dawg clint eastwood...
by asdf November 17, 2002
1. One of the baddest O.G. motherfuckers ever to walk the face of the Earth, even in old age, even cooler than Harrison Ford or Tom Selleck, and in the same league as Chuck Norris, Frank Sinatra, Shaq, Isaac Hayes and Robert DeNiro.

2. The clitoris of a woman.
1. Yeah man, Clint Eastwood is awesome. He was Dirty freakin Harry, for pete's sake.

2. Oh crap, I just saw Amanda's Clint Eastwood when she bent over because her skirt is so short!
by mephensean August 18, 2009
When that 6,4'' tall glass of water slowly walks up to you and puts a .44 magnum to your head. A man known Only as the Eastwood... you you better have paid your last dues. Because a badass such as this doesn't piss around. YOU WILL DIE!

Clint Eastwood- the second founding father of America. Perferably not to be dicked with by the common street thug, or anyone for that matter. Known to make mens eyeballs throw up at the mere sight of his testosterone filled manliness.
"Man has got to know his limitations."
"Smith, Wesson, and me."
"You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do you, Punk!"
"There are two kinds of men in this world... those that carry guns, and those that dig."
"I used to stack fucks like you five foot high and use em' as sand bags."

Death once had a near-Clint Eastwood experience.

It dosen't Matter if he fired six shots, or only five, he is Clint Eastwood.

Many a time can a man only choke out "It's clint Eas-" before they die!

Clint Eastwood can't grow pubic hair, because hair dosen't grow on steel.

Lifes a bitch, and than you DIE!
by V8 Vinny June 28, 2011
A sexual game where two opponents sit opposite each-other and masturbate to ejaculate before the other while staring down the other. It's name derives from old western quick draws.
Jacob defeated Tyler in the most epic Clint Eastwood I've ever seen! He may be the quickest shot in the Midwest!
by bananaman2009 January 17, 2010
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