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similar to "tall, dark, and handsome", if you are a tall glass of water, you are a tall guy who is a good catch, i.e. a goodlooking bachelor
Girl: Wow, would ya check him out? His deep voice is so sexxxyyyyy, and he plays tennis, AND he loves kids! Now that's a tall glass of water if I ever saw one!
by Annie September 13, 2006
A particularly tall female (about 5'10 or taller). Who is very attractive.
Dannnggg girl u most def a Tall Glass of water.... wanna quench my thirst lol.
by Tall Wun April 09, 2009
A tall, COOL, glass of water is a babe so hot you need a glass of water after checking her out.
Well, she's a tall, cool glass of water ain't she?
by 19 Polk December 01, 2004
The architect of my dreams. A pretty little boy, sitting up there in your high chair, demanding more applesauce. A sexy little rattlesnake. A naughty little baby boy. A rambunctious little infant.
"You're a tall glass of water, aren't you, Spencer..."
by January 12, 2009
Something fresh and nice to see; new or inventive
"This new Urban Dictionary thing sure is a tall glass of water."
by Joey J. August 06, 2006
Some one you would consider a boner, tool or a duesche bag (for lack of more descriptive words), who is also a push-over. Someone that means absolutely nothing to you.
Oh, look at this tall glass of water!

And you think this tall glass of water is going to stop us?
by Shane Mahoney April 14, 2008
tall, uninteresting person. usually male.
'who's that tall glass o' water over in the corner?'
by Ez October 21, 2003
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