A misspelling of the actual word "Clique"
Man, I wish I knew how to spell. Sometimes I don't spell things correctly like when I write "clik" instead of "clique".
by tad February 03, 2005
Top Definition
The enlarged clitoris of a female-to-male transsexual. Testosterone injections cause the clitoris to become a mix between a clit and a cock (ie clik).
Johnny got his clik sucked by his girlfriend.
by internetcreep April 20, 2009
Term that means a group or smaller type of gang.
you diss me, ill get my whole clik on you fool.
by sean miller April 14, 2004
Clik is a clothing company out the NW. They are a team of avid action sports kids who thrive off the industry and reflect that in their threads. The brand is centered around skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, wakeboarding, music and turning heads of the opposite sex. Clik has been producing super swag since 2010, and intends on doing so for a very long time. Check out the Facebook page, and website, to learn more.
Clik clothing is raw, Aye check that Clik shirt, Is that a Clik shirt?, That's Clik swag, That hoodie is almost as fresh as a Clik hoodie, Damn that guys t-shirt is really sick isn't that Clik? That's hot.
by SEVEY252 August 05, 2011
another form of click (IM Language)
Clik Clik Clikity Clik Clik!!!!
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
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