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1) To remove the fun from a situation (especially a competitive game.)

2) Someone who disappears for the night with a member of the opposite sex and then refuses to share the sordid details of the encounter with their friends
1) oh god, he completely cliffied that game of monopoly

2) Come on, what happened last night? Don't be a cliffy
by Niallh55 November 08, 2007
To be the center of attention at an amusing and unnecessary rate.
1. damn. he's getting pretty cliffy!

2. er'y body at the club get'in cliffy!
by catcherrye June 19, 2011
Is the female version of an erection aka "stiffy". When a female gets excited and their clitoris becomes erect its is known as a "cliffy"
Jean, do you have a banana in your pocket, or do you have a cliffy?

Melinda has a cliffy.
by Bluewaff-dawg July 22, 2014
A know-it-all who is fond of spouting random facts. Taken from the character "Cliffy" from Cheers.
Dingos are native to Australia? Gee, thanks, cliffy.
by shebeest2000 January 13, 2011
Derived from the combination of clit and stiffy, Cliffy is a term used to describe an erection of a female's clitoris. Usually due to sexual stimulation or arousal.

This porn is so bad the actress doesn't even have a cliffy!
by LVB November 05, 2006
A word that has no actual meaning it is just there to made up to make someone feel stupid
he is real cliffy
by pacman12364 April 27, 2009
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