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Something on which one can click using a mouse, on the internet or an interactive cd, online ads, etc. in order to promote a response from the computer
A-is that icon clickable?
B-no, it doesn't do anything.
by mwahahahaha October 06, 2003
An object, word, or image on the internet that can be clicked on to achieve some sort of effect, such as linking you to a new site. You can often tell if something is clickable by hovering the cursor over it; if the cursor becomes a pointing hand, it is clickable.
Computer Illiterate: Why wont it click this picture?
Common Sense: Its not clickable, duh.
by Jay C October 08, 2003
yeah, this guy i'm seeing, we're totally clickable!
by Taine October 10, 2003
An image or word(s) that have a link attatched to them, allowing you to click them to open up a new web page or to activate a script.
The menu buttons are clickable.
by whitehole October 09, 2003
Pertaining the ability to be clicked.
Objects that may be clickable include a computer mouse, a thumb & finger and a hyperlink that takes you to Feetman.com.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 05, 2003