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a fart that sounds kind of how a light switch does when you flip it; CLlCK! very rare and often painful they are legendary. Infact, legend has it that these these farts are usually fatal. Everyone does it right before they die, it's what finishes them off.
After a brutal beating delivered by link, gannondorf fell and hit his head hard as hell on the table, then dropped to the floor. Then he involuntarily let out a legendary click fart and died a hillarious death! Lmao
by the duv November 07, 2007
The smallest fart you can do, which usually results in a small click noise and a repugnant odour.
"What was that, then?!"
"Chill, it was only a click-fart"
by isthistheonlynamenooneelsehas? November 19, 2008
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