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1.Shooting craps on the block.

2.Contrary to what a wannabe gangster will tell you, click clack is a slang word for craps, not the sound of a gun.
Grits n Gravy was king of the click clack until Leonard Washington took that nigga's money.
#craps #dice #hot hand in a dice game #clickety #clackety
by Scoobysnacks29 January 26, 2009
A well known user on the forum Geekhack. Famous for creating signature skull keycaps (CC Skullcaps). Also famous for being a known asshole and giving other select members rare keycaps in exchange for weed. A general elitist moron.
"I couldn't manage to buy a CC skull because Clickclack blacklisted me for taking a picture of one of his keycaps."
#clicklack #click clack #geekhack #keycap #deskthority #cc skull #keyboards
by danstinywang September 30, 2012
1. A gun which makes a loud chambering sound while loading it. This is includes but isn't limited to: Semi-Automatic Pistols, and Pump Shotguns.

"Any questions?"
#pistol #shotgun #mac 10 #ghetto glock #click clack with a beam
by Laredo[HK] April 10, 2006
1.)The sound of a pistol being cocked, or the sound of imminant death.
2.)A rap song by Slim Thug
"We were talkin shit then we heard *click clack* and he pulled out a 45."
#gun #pistol #chambering a round #slim thug #rap song
by 3nchirit0 February 06, 2006
An underground dice game.
(Clickity - Clickity - Clack)*Tron from Cahppelles show.
by D-Fo May 31, 2005
A type of furniture (commonly used when referring to a Futon bed / sofa) that uses a quick pin release method of folding and unfolding.
We purchased a Click-Clack Futon off of Craigslist and got a great deal on it.
#futon #sofa #bed #click #clack #clickclack #click-clack #furniture
by El' Jefe' April 05, 2014
A game of chance using dice, preferably played with homeless and/or deadbeat dads.
Aw shit, I was playing click clack on the train with the pan handlers and I won $20 of their asses!
#dice #craps #homeless #chance #gambling
by WalterCronkiteSpecial May 05, 2010
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