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Short for "Creating Limitless Heights"
A tight ass urban clothing line worn by none other than Cash Money himself. The hoodies they do be so fresh to def dat dem bitches be all up on you like stank on sheeeit.
"You see that baller with 10 girls around him?"
"Ya, cause he's got that tight ass CLH hoodie on, full(see definition by jrodmynizzle)"
by Sean Cash Money October 09, 2006
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Chair Lift Head; when one receives head (or a blowjob) on a chairlift.
Dude, Jenny gave me the best CLH yesterday on the way up to the double black diamond. I boarded like a king after that shit, brah!
by Brian Whitesocks February 25, 2008
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Cry like Hillary ... A more generic form of ICLH (I cried like Hillary)
When asking someone if they were upset ... Did you CLH???


If asking someone if they will be upset ... Will you CLH???
by SPUD_I_AM January 18, 2008
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