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The act of wrapping a females face with serran wrap, and proceeding to shit on it. therefore the shit will build steam under the serran wrap.
After purchasing some reynolds wrap, i shitted on that whores face and it got all steamy.
by C Murdah May 17, 2005
A complete idiots way to spell "Cleveland Steamer."
I spell like someone from a third world country... "CLEVLAND STEAMER" is it?
by semajsirhc June 21, 2009
While fucking a girl, you pull your dick out, stand over her, and shit on her chest.
Linda was so bad in bed last night I had to give her a clevland steamer.
by E Rock123 November 13, 2006
1. In the process of tit fucking a woman the man leaves a tread mark on the woman's chest.
I was tit fucking Angela and she wanted me to give her a clevland steamer.
by Timoteo Lopez September 07, 2005
when you fuck a chick and you use a bunch of lube and when your done the poop just slides out on her chest or vis-versa
i met a ho at da club and me,mark, and danny gave her a clevland steamer.
by logan_the_hogan May 16, 2006
To have sex with a girl, pee on her back and then never talk to her again
Last night I gave so girl a clevland steamer.
by Lia March 22, 2005
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