An oversized mouse anus
This clemon isn't appropriate office decor.
by Trouble Every Dana January 25, 2011
Top Definition
Beyond maximum homosexuality.
The gay pride parade is clemon.
by king slut June 18, 2011
n. A stray pubic hair found in a place where pubic hair generally is not located.
I guess I don't mind finding a clemons on a urinal, 'cause it's normal for them to be there. But when I find them on the sink, I start to wonder what went down.
by Jason June 05, 2005
1. Is the act of a man performing oral sex on another man while he is farting.
John: My friend Cody gave me the best Clemons last night
by playthegame May 02, 2011
a euphemism for blowjob
There was an outbreak of oral gonnoreah in the middle schools in my town during the mid nineties. Bill Clinton said that oral sex wasnt sex so all the jb whores started giving out clemons like they were candi on halloween.
by s/adv/irgin June 14, 2011
an odd cross between a cat and a lemon
guess what...CLEMON IS SKINNY!
by BATMAN STRIKES!!!! November 11, 2003
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