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''Is that a tangerine?''
''No its a clemintine asshole''
''this clemintine tastes like ass''
''I like ass''
by sexypantskarl September 09, 2012
7 4
also shortened to 'Clems' and also used to describe chavs, pikies, knackers and general scumbags

used to describe the lower levels of Irish society. They can easily be spotted in any Irish town, city or even village.

-tuck their tracksuit bottoms into their sock
-spit a lot
-have no jobs, nor ever will
-smell of sweat and bad aftershave/burgers
-wear a lot of cheap gold jewellery
-greasy hair
-sit on shop windows/electrical boxes/walls and shout abuse at people

- look the exact same only are a disgusting shade of orange
- wear clothes that are too small for them
- have a child in a buggy with them at all times
- I'm not walking down there...
- Why not?
- There's a load of Clemintines sitting on that wall and I didn't bring a stick to beat them away...
by petal29 May 17, 2011
6 5
1. (n) A Sex Fiend, Sex Goddess/God, Sex Queen/King. Someone with excellent Sexual skills, or Dance/pole moves.
2. (n) A Small, Sweet orange.
"She's So Good, I'd even call her a Clemintine"

"May i have another Clemintine?"
by Melly January 13, 2005
10 10