Clear channel

The company that pays people to act like a big pile of gay.
''Dude who is that J-Dizzle cracker motherfucker we are listening to?''

''I don't know but by the sound of it it seems like he works for Clear channel''
#gay #crack #mtv #z100 #fagget #douchebag
by Your Mom in a bikini July 08, 2006
Top Definition
the Microsoft of American radio. the the reason why radio sucks, and the reason why concert ticket prices are so fucking high. the entity that fears independent radio.
Clear Channel is uber ghey
by mevyhetal March 06, 2004
radio company that has near-total control of the radio airwaves in America. broadcasts the same old shit 24/7. see also monopoly.
You're listening to Clear Channel radio!!!!
by Laird December 08, 2003
Why radio today sucks!
Clear Channel is the reason why FM radio sucks.
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
Radio used to be good until Clear Channel came along. Now it sucks, like "rock" stations that play nothing but Linkin Park, Disturbed and Korn, and about 20 Top 40 stations for every single city in the USA
Your listening to Clear Channel Radio, now for another song by some shitty rap song or yet another Linkin Park song.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 07, 2004
(n) a wealthy right-wing religious conservative group that hopes to clear all channels of independent thought from the airwaves by purchasing every radio station in the country and silencing any opinions that conflict with their extreme Republican agenda
It's really interesting how Clear Channel all of a sudden considers Howard Stern to be obscene so soon after he starting spewing anti-Bush propaganda.
by fduck April 02, 2004
The huge american conglomerate that controls what 99% of the radio stations play because they own them. This makes it hard for bands that harness a lot of talent but little money.
I would have made it big but clearchannel wouldn't play my fucking songs
by nego May 09, 2005
A stupid radio station group that thinks they own FM. Tries to knock off other radio station groups such as Cumulus, Apex Broadcasting, and Emmis. There new Crapstar group is stupid as hell, They put the stupidest music on there stations. And Is the reason why FM Radio now sucks.
Thank Clear Channel for ruining Radio.
by anonymous January 19, 2005
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