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A person with no tattoos. (Named after cleanskin wines. A cleanskin wine is a bottle of wine with no brand or label apart from one to tell you the variety of grape used, but never the name of the winery producing it.)
Man: So do you have any tattoos?
Stripper: Nope, I'm a cleanskin, cant you tell?
by SpunkierRat March 21, 2009
someone who is into posh snooty things e.g eating sushi, drinking champagne and staying in 5-star hotels and doesnt eg. go camping, eat bangers n mash etc.
OMG that teacher eats pies with knives and forks what a clean-skin
by madina fuccure655 October 21, 2010
A pleasant shit, thats easy to pass, that you didnt have to wipe for. Unfortunately, they are infrequent, so one must cherish the moment when blessed.
Person 1: "Dude i just had a cleanskin, when i wiped there was nothing on the toilet paper"

Person 2: "I fucking love those Terry Urds"
by Jooiiiiimmmmms January 03, 2010
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