The only sport women should be allowed to play.
Woman; "im gonna play in the Olympics one day"

Man; "shut the fuck up n do some cleaning!!!"
by nas666 November 11, 2009
Code name for minors when smoking
Wanna go cleaning?

yea sure we'll go fishing for them first
by June 16, 2008
To go into a store or shop and discreetly steal items which are for sale without getting caught. These items can range anywhere in size from a basketball to a dixie cup. Useless items you don't really need are sometimes taken because many people do it for the rush as opposed to needing the stolen object.
I just went cleaning in those stores and got sweatshirts and hats for free.
by steven carlson November 12, 2007
Pissing on something
"Hey Vicky, if you put onions in my room I'm going to start cleaning your room!"
by Harveymantes June 20, 2004

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