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Starting anew, with a fresh approach. A clean slate begins with the action of 'wiping the slate clean'.
After a decade of philandering, I'm going to start my thirties with a clean slate.
by JimiBiz July 28, 2008
when dropping a deuce, when you wipe your ass and the toilet paper is completely free of any fecal matter.
I pinched off a big old dump, and after wiping I was pleased to see it was a clean slate.
by Heavy555 August 02, 2012
when one's pubic region made totally bald
I am going clean slate from now on, or for at least the next to days when it starts to grow back.
by CaptJack January 02, 2008
"clean slate" means that something looks really amazing. It looks so cool that it can be called clean slate.
All taylormade clubs in a taylormade staff tour bag with r7 headcovers is clean slate
by Brett Shillington August 08, 2006
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