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When someone is fired or quits a job, everything that goes wrong or is found broken in the next two weeks that the fired/quit person could have possibly touched gets blamed on that person. Can also be used as a cover for missing items.
Hey, james was fired this morning. So if you have work that you diddnt do recently, blame him, its our on site clean slate policy.
by Cubis_Max September 10, 2009
1. The sound made by people typing a text message with their keypad tones on.
*beep *beepbeep *beep *beepbeepbeep

Please turn off your keypad tones, the robot talk is annoying.
by Cubis_Max January 29, 2010
people that talk crap or insult people online. that will never say anything like that face to face.
online14: Shut up your an idiot.
online31: I will kill you man i swear.
online14: your just net warrior man. you wont do anything
by Cubis_Max October 15, 2009
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