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a desirable but often elusive bathroom phenomenon wherein a log of feces is expelled from the anus in one solid piece, typically characteristic of a healthy diet lacking any recent form of heavy alcohol consumption.
-where you been the last hour? did ya fall in?
-it was awful. my steel wool ass bush grated my feeble muddy poo to shreds, leaving half the turd backed up. wiping was a total nightmare; it was like i was smearing engine grease all over my ass with wax paper. i only stopped when i started bleeding. i would kill for just one clean break this month!
by Freshmouse June 08, 2006
This term describes when one is able to have a bowel movement leaving the perianal area free of feces. This is evidenced by attempts to clean this area with tissue that yield no fecal matter.

One technique to increase the frequency of such a phenomenon is to sit on one cheek, slide over, and then the other in an attempt to separate the cheeks so that the do not contact the feces as it passes into the toilet bowl.
- That was awesome, I only had to wipe once, it was a clean break.
by DocOnDuty October 05, 2009
When you wipe your arse after a shit, and you can get straight after it.
"that was quick"
"yeah, clean break"
by shitmaster October 09, 2004
When you're taking a poop and you're so dehydrated you don't even have to wipe.
"Dude! No need for toilet paper. I had a clean break!"
by Titan2014 April 29, 2014

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