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Chavs use this word when they are jealous of how clever and intelligent you are.
I'm gonna fuckin write bellend on the wall coz it's me favourite word o' week (writes 'Bilend'). There yaa go mate bellend. Fuckin' that's what you un's are innit ya fuckin'...CLAXON...Fuck me charver...I'M FUCKED!
by stu January 02, 2005
A word that can mean anything in any context.
claxon me a pint mate.
you claxon
im claxoning off to the shop
claxon you later
waa im claxoned
by k werd May 06, 2005
A term heavily used by Britain's new underclass- otherwise known as chavs, and made famous by the legendary Devvo, to indicate annoyance at another person- most often non-chavs.

An insult with no real substance- indicates an inner city public school education amongst the user.

A highly amusing insult that the middle classes use when they wish to parody chavs.
"Did youn key me saxo you fuckin' claxon!?"

"I'll spark you reet out you fuckin' claxon!"

"Get off me burberins you fuckin' claxon!"

"'Ere maate, yer step-dad's a reet fuckin' claxon."
by Heeby1 November 04, 2005
A noisy and annoying person, usually those who dominate conversations by being loud and overly assertive, or the type that laugh really loud and make idiots of themselves when drunk.
Zip it and quit being such a claxon.
by MoonRat August 03, 2005
A right idiot who is extremely stupid
Waaaaaaaaaaa!You fucking claxon
by Henry Is God April 01, 2006