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A word which depicts a very close friend.
What's good "dwag"?
by jayistoocool October 07, 2009
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A group of your friends would be your dwags
A friend would be a dwag
Origin: dwag comes from a typo of the word dawg
dawg as in your dawg
In orfer to use it in a sentence you must be talkin to a long time friend... no losers are aloud to say dwag
DWAG! whats goin on?
DWAGS! are we going hit the gym or whats the deal?
by P-DWAG March 28, 2006
An intentional misspelling of the word "dawg", to mean "A friend or companion; ally; comrade; tovarische."
Yo dwag.
by Charlesly July 10, 2010
a good friend who doubles as a friend-with-benefit when it suits one of the two friends
Yeah we are Dwag's its great when i need it
by gronkowski December 16, 2012
Douchebag With A Guitar. He can barely play it, but likes to sit in public holding it to attract girls and carries it with him all the time.
"I don't want to go to that coffee shop anymore; some dwag hangs out there butchering Coldplay songs all day."

"Isn't that guy with the guitar a little old to be hanging out with high school girls?"
"Yeah, the dwag can't get anyone his own age, but girls too young to know better think he's cool for playing guitar."
by Derpette21 March 06, 2012
1.) Acronym for "Dances with A***** G****" (its a name).
2.) Used as a derogatory term for one who dances with a foul creature at a high school dance.
Jason danced with that ugly ass bitch so now we can call him a DWAG.
by pvpsu1317 May 03, 2014
the act of sporting douche swag. Can be modeled at polo matches, yacht clubs, and/or country clubs. Basically, any classy event considered to be douche.
"Hey man, look at my dwag."

"Yo, nice dwag."

"Are you going to dwag it up this weekend?"
by doucheswag=dwag November 12, 2011

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