inserting 2 fingers in the hangloose shape in a female vaginal penetration.
damn man i clawed that beezie last night.
by spence aka the claw July 23, 2008
1. A tall ape-like creature with huge hands and feet commonly found stalking its prey in the English countryside at night. A force to be recconed with.
Now thats one good looking Claw
by James Law January 29, 2004
an acronym for a Cunt Licking Ass Wipe
Jesus that guy is such a CLAW!
by locococo March 31, 2008
a freak with dodgy fingers
chris hays has got hands like these.
by ?? February 01, 2005
An acronym used to represent a group of people who play Counter-Strike. No one knows what it really stands for, but they pwn j00 on and off the interweb.

"cLAWZen has banned 0:01234312 for being afk"
Acronyms for cLAW could be:
1. Clean Land Air Water
2. Close Air Support Weapon
2. Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales
4. Control Laws
5. Can't Live Another Way
6. CS League of Advanced Warefare
7. Control of Lead at Work Regulations
by lobstah July 16, 2004
1. bunch of fahs that get fucked up and game.
2. A statement indicating you are in fact, a nerd.. you have no life, and spend too much time "playing stupid video games".
"cLAW owns you w00000t!"

Possible Meanings.
1. Can Love Any Woman
2. CS League of Advanced Warfare
3. Carnage Loathing Annilihation & Wrath
by gasho July 16, 2004
Someone who ALWAYS is dying to know yours, and everyones business.
"Yo, your the biggest fucking claw in the world"

"Stop clawing to know what happened"
by Tim Shady May 16, 2005

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