Claudine is a wonderful,graceful, yet agressive name. She is like a sour patch kid. First sour when you meet them. But once you get to know her, she turns sweet! Get close to her and she'll be by your back. Claudines have very good sence of memory. Sometimes too good to blackmail you, but just to make fun of you. They're very funny and hyper. Lots of them love skittles. Sometimes a little too much. Claudines are very inteligent and nerdy.
Girl : Have you seen Claudine? Shes very mean!

Girl2 : Yeah, but if you get to know her better then i bet you would take that back.
by Assilemoo. October 07, 2011
Top Definition
meaning 1 :
Descendant of Gods with a royal bloodline. Posses a magnificent aura which allows her shine her way into your hearts. Musically talented, Destined to be star and to greatness in life. Gifted in seeking pleasures and happiness in life with those whom she loves and loves her.

Meaning 2 :
a means to a fantasy life where everything is perfect and everyone is happy.
have you ever been Claudined?
by ~midnite~ February 07, 2010
meaning 1
A very sexual person. Party animal and spends money to buy clothes.
meaning 2
An agressive, a bitch who doesn't know what she wants and often has mental/emotional breakdowns and drains everyone with her paranoia issues yet we can't help but still love her
omg, ur such a claudine!
by gererd July 04, 2008
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