classy + ratchet.
Elegant women who dance to strip club music are "clatchet."
by LOLingALLDAY December 16, 2012
The unmatched fusion of two usually completely opposite characteristics (classy and ratchet).

Often can exist in the combination of incredibly expensive and fancy wardrobe, with, more than questionable and hood rat actions.
Also getting belligerently turnt up while a) being at a non-prostitutional establishment and/or b) maintaining the public's perception that you are upper class.

Can be represented by the statement "Dressed up and turnt up".
That prostitute is currently eating inside of Ruth's Chris, if that's not clatchet then I can't even be sure I'm a butt pirate anymore.

Being too drunk to taste this roasted chicken while my date blows me at this Lakeside Resort for BTP formal was the most clatchet experience of my lifetime.

Clint Eastwood penetrating Kreayshawn is the literal materialization of the first definition of clatchet.
by EATSTHEWHOLEASS October 04, 2013
(adj.) someone who is ratchet and classy at the same time.
ex: Allison was so clatchet at Joel's wedding, she was dancing with a bottle of beer.
by MasterCdiddy August 16, 2014

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